Premium Seating


The Orange Club Premium* Seating Plan, initiated when the Carrier Dome opened in 1980, entitles you to reserved season ticket seating in special areas of the Carrier Dome for Syracuse University Football and Men's Basketball.

Premium Seating payments are made on a per seat/per sport basis for one year with options to renew in subsequent years. There are four levels depending on where the seat is located: A, B, C or D. The amount differs by level and sport. Please study the seating configuration diagrams and call the Carrier Dome Box Office concerning specific seating.

pREMIUM Seating Prices 2018-2019
(SEASON ticket price is separate)

Premium - Football                   Regular        Fac/Staff

Zone A                                              $295                 $236
Zone B                                              $195                 $156
Zone C                                                $95                  $76
Zone D                                                $45                  $36

Premium – Basketball              Regular        Fac/Staff

Zone A                                              $800                $640
Zone B                                              $600                $480
Zone C                                              $350                $280
Zone D                                              $250                $200


Seating locations for Premium Seating patrons are in Zone A, B, C and D locations, as available. All upgrades are based on availability. Note that for men’s basketball Zone A seats, an additional Premium amount of $5,000 is required, payable over two years. For men’s basketball Zone B seats, an additional Premium amount of $2,500 is required, payable over two years.

  • Premium Seating patrons are required to purchase the related season seats according to the stated deadlines for that sport.
  • Premium Seating amounts are renewed along with that sport’s season tickets.


John Smith wants to purchase three Football season tickets in Zone D Premium Seating and calls the Carrier Dome Box Office. A staff member talks with John, explains what is currently available and helps reserve John's seat locations. John pays for those season seats and the associated Premium Seating amount for the upcoming Football season. For the next Football season, John can renew his Premium Seating amount and related Football season tickets according to the annual renewal deadlines.

This example doesn't cover all facets of Premium Seating but gives you a general overview of how it works.

For your specific needs and potential seat locations, please call the Carrier Dome Box Office at 315-443-2121 or 888-366-3849. Regular business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your interest in Syracuse Athletics and for your support of its intercollegiate programs. We look forward to assisting in your enjoyment of Syracuse University Football and Men's Basketball!

*formerly called Preferred.