Carrier Dome Box Office
    900 Irving Ave (Gate B)
    Syracuse, NY 13244

    Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday
    (Except for Holidays)
    Weekends open 4 hours prior to all home SU basketball games and 9:00 AM the day of all home SU Football games
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    Ticketed Events calendar
    01.19.19 SU Men's Basketball vs. Pittsburgh 2:00pm Buy
    01.23.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. Miami 7pm Buy
    01.24.19 SU Men's Basketball vs. Miami 8:00pm Buy
    01.31.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. Virginia 7pm Buy
    02.05.19 SU Men's Basketball vs. Florida State 8:00pm Buy
    02.08.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. UCONN 3pm Buy
    02.08.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Colgate 7pm Buy
    02.09.19 SU Men's Basketball vs. Boston College 2:00pm Buy
    02.10.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. Boston College 2pm Buy
    02.12.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Binghamton 6pm Buy
    02.13.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. NC State 7:00pm Buy
    02.16.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Boston College 12pm Buy
    02.16.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Albany 4pm Buy
    02.17.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. Wake Forest 2:00pm Buy
    02.18.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Coastal Carolina 12pm Buy
    02.20.19 SU Men's Basketball vs. Louisville 7:00pm Buy
    02.21.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. Pitt 7:00pm Buy
    02.24.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Northwestern 12pm Buy
    02.24.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Army 4pm Buy
    02.25.19 SU Women's Basketball vs. Notre Dame 6:00pm Buy
    02.27.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Loyola 4pm Buy
    02.28.19 Section III High School Basketball Championships 5pm Buy
    03.01.19 Section III High School Basketball Championships 4pm Buy
    03.02.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Virginia 12pm Buy
    03.02.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Virginia 4pm Buy
    03.03.19 Section III High School Basketball Championships 12pm Buy
    03.04.19 SU Men's Basketball vs. Virginia 7:00pm Buy
    03.09.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Johns Hopkins 1pm Buy
    03.16.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Rutgers 1pm Buy
    03.19.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Harvard 5pm Buy
    03.24.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Duke 2pm Buy
    03.27.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Albany 6pm Buy
    04.05.19 Dare & Scout Pit Party 5:00 PM Buy
    04.06.19 Monster Jam - Pit Party 1:30pm Buy
    04.06.19 Monster Jam 7:00pm Buy
    04.09.19 SU Men's Lacrosse vs. Cornell 7pm Buy
    04.16.19 SU Women's Lacrosse vs. Cornell 7pm Buy
    04.26.19 Block Party Concert 7:30 PM Buy
    05.10.19 2019 SU College of Law Commencement 11am Buy
    05.12.19 2019 SU Commencement 9am Buy