Ticket Renewals

Annual Ticket Renewal Information

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my 2015-16 annual renewal invoices?

An email was sent March 4th, with a letter mailing March 6th, that includs detailed information on the renewal process. Please call the Carrier Dome Box Office at 888-DOMETIX (366-3849), option "zero", or 315-443-2121 with any questions. Note that an invoice will be mailed approximately three weeks before each deadline to patrons who haven’t renewed.

Your invoices are now available to renew online via your MyCuse account using the link on the right.

If I can’t afford my seat this year, can I receive an extension, or will it be held for me to buy next year?

While we cannot provide extensions, we offer payment plans to help spread out your renewal amount and lower the initial cost.  If you are unable to renew this year, we will not be able to hold your seat location(s), but will give consideration to your past season ticket purchases when you are able to purchase season tickets again.

When are the 2015-16 renewal deadlines?:

  • Preferred – March 31
  • Football – April 30
  • Men's Basketball - July 31

Because of high demand for new or improved seating and parking, any preferred, football or basketball (tickets or parking) renewals not paid by the stated deadlines will be released for availability to other interested patrons. Also, patrons who pay their preferred, but do not renew their related season tickets and / or parking  by the stated deadlines will have those seats released to other interested patrons, and will be offered best available at the time they pay for season seats. Finally, patrons with special arrangements or conditions will lose them if they do not renew their related season tickets and / or parking by the stated deadlines. 

If I chose a payment plan, what are their deadlines?

Please remember that once the first payment is made, all subsequent payments are processed automatically on the dates listed, to the original payment method (either credit/debit card or electronic check). The first payment can be made any time up to the renewal deadline.

Preferred Payment Plan Dates:
Tues. Mar. 31 (deadline)
Thu. April 30
Fri. May 29
Tue. June 30

Football Payment Plan Dates:
Thu. April 30 (deadline)
Fri. May 29
Tue. June 30
Fri. July 31

Men’s Basketball Payment Plan Dates:
Fri. July 31 (deadline)
Mon. August 31
Wed. Sept. 30
Fri. Oct. 30

How do I request an upgrade for my seats or parking?

All seating changes for football or men’s basketball will be done online, after each sports payment deadline has passed. Please note your interest either by checking the box during the online renewal process, or writing it on your printed renewal. For football parking, a written request must be sent to the Box Office, attention “Parking Change Request” (please be specific in what you want, and include your MyCuse account number). There will not be an opportunity to upgrade men’s basketball parking, as all Zone A and B are sold out.

Important: Invoices must be paid in full, or be part of an active payment plan, by the renewal deadlines to be eligible to participate in the upgrade process. We will email further details on the upgrade process as the time approaches for those who sign up. 

What if I want to add seats or parking to what I already have?

If a single seat is available next to your current seating and you want an additional seat, we can sell that. However all other requests will be processed as part of the upgrade process (in that process you would call so our staff can help find you the best available additional seats). If you are interested in additional seats, please sign up for the upgrade process.

For parking, a patron can purchase one parking pass (as available) if they have one to four paid season tickets in that sport. If you wanted an additional pass, you would need to purchase a minimum of two additional seats in the next “four” brackets, e.g. if you had three seats, you would need to purchase three more (six total) to be eligible to for an additional pass.

Why can I not park in Stadium West lots when I see spots open on game day?

Some of the spots in each lot are held out for SU students and faculty for academic needs on game day, and not necessarily all paid patrons come to all games. All Stadium West and Campus lot parking passes are sold on a season basis only, per the Athletic Department allocation.

What is WEST parking?

To help with traffic flow and getting patrons into lots in a timely fashion, WEST parking pass patrons will be directed to FINE, STDT or other nearby lots as deemed necessary by parking or security personnel.

How do I purchase disabled parking?

Season parking in ARCH and IRVD for patrons with disabilities was again sold out this past year. Space will only be available in the Skytop Disabled lot, which includes a shuttle to Gate A of the Dome. A letter is required from your doctor as well as a copy of your state issued handicap tag. You may contact the Dome Box Office at 888-DOMETIX for any changes in availability.

Why have the youth season tickets that I bought in the past been changed to adult rate on the renewal?

Unfortunately, we have had some season ticket holders abusing this discounted ticket price. Therefore we bill you at the adult rate, and if your children still meet the age requirements for the 2015-16 season, simply contact the Box Office at 888-DOMETIX before you pay, and your account will be adjusted, with a new invoice issued. Note that Youth priced tickets are only available in Non-Preferred areas.

When will individual game tickets go on sale, will I get a chance at an advance sale and what are the prices?

Individual game tickets for football typically go on sale to the general public in mid to late summer.  Men’s basketball individual game tickets typically go on sale in mid-October. Our season ticket holders will be given an advance opportunity (via an email notice) to purchase additional tickets. Our individual ticket prices are usually announced a few weeks before they go on sale.              

How do I buy away game tickets?

Away game tickets, as noted on the donor benefit form, are made available for football games to Orange Club donors at $125 and up and for basketball games, to donors at a level of $5,000 and up, as available. Note that most ACC games won’t have any tickets for sale, as we receive a small allotment per ACC rules.

To Contact Us:

To contact the Carrier Dome Box Office, please call 1-888-DOMETIX (366-3849) toll free, or 315-443-2121, and press "zero".

To contact the Orange Club, call 1-877-CLUB4SU (258-2478) toll free, or 315-443-1419.

Preferred Seating Donation Prices 2015-2016
(SEASON Ticket Price is separate)

Preferred- Football Only                   Regular                             Fac/Staff

A Level                                                      $650                                     $520
B Level                                                      $425                                     $340
C Level                                                      $270                                     $216
D Level                                                      $190                                     $152

Preferred- Basketball Only             Regular                             Fac/Staff

A Level                                                      $800                                     $640
B Level                                                      $595                                     $476
C Level                                                      $370                                     $296
D Level                                                      $255                                     $204

Preferred- Both Sports                    Regular                             Fac/Staff

A Level                                                      $840                                     $672
B Level                                                      $625                                     $500
C Level                                                      $385                                     $308
D Level                                                      $285                                     $228